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Author Topic: track bike help!  (Read 237 times)

The Wizard of MOz

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Re: track bike help!
« Reply #15 on: April 13, 2019, 11:06:15 AM »

I’d rather have a decent sorted 600-750 sports bike for track riding.

Some of us raced national standard spec Superbikes before electronics had only scratched the surface of MotoGP and learnt the hard way.
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Re: track bike help!
« Reply #16 on: April 13, 2019, 04:43:48 PM »

I’ll be doing my first trackday in 9 years this year on my MT.  Hopefully the TC will stop me launching it!

on track you will see more and more see people learning to lean on the electronics .. fair play to them ... and then boom.. it highsides, just the same as any bike .. normally worse.. the rider has really over stepped the mark to get it so wrong... and they have no idea what happened ....

tempted to upgrade to something with electronic wizardry ... but realistically it makes no different to the fun factor for me ...  the most fun is had riding with your mates in a safe environment (and trusting each other enough to not take each other out) .. buy the bike that enables this...

the later generation bikes might make playing easier .. but they are expensive to put on track, expensive to get parts for, so expensive to repair .. a few more years and it'll hopefully be time to buy one, when they become cheap.. if they ever do...
(as an example replacement '12 s1000rr clocks still £450 2nd hand.. and then they need coding...and bmw only like to code the £800 clocks they supply..shocking)

we are all getting older, all have more money for our hobbies, and more and more people only riding on track.. so buying better trackbikes.. the current r1 is a complete weapon on track
depending on your definition of trackbike, to me.. its a bike that allows me to play with my friends in a safe environment, but more importantly.. i won't cry if it goes down the tarmac.. 
(then just needs track focused tyres (and quality tyre warmers.. those 2 laps each session warming your tyres soon add up), suspension sorting, quality race pads, quality brake fluid, engine covers..  then maybe a brembo master cylinder, quick action throttle, hm quickshifter, gear indicator (if it doesn't have one), rearsets, exhaust system, some carbon, a useful steering damper, a slipper clutch that works)
but really ... just track focused tyres and suspension would be enough

last month i turned on racechrono in the pits at snetterton and it must of picked up at least 6 bluetooth gps devices ... and you see more and more starlane and aim solo fitted to bikes... granted some people are timing for fun... only a handful take it too seriously

any how... let me tell you a story :
there was this chap, back in the early days of mcnninjas (maybe even when it was on msn) posted a lot, some say everyday.. a super active poster, used to do a few trackdays back in the day when people still rode to trackdays ... had a blue fireblade  (954 ? power of a modern tuned 600 ? but heavier .. if any bike needed electronics this was it.. it was scary opening the throttle ;) )... and then he brought a honda v-twin thingy (the bike honda built to win world superbikes, in 2000 it did, by Haga being disqualified for a drug that naturally occurred some herb... in 2002 it won fair and square  :moto:) ....  he gave loads of advice over the internet about bikes, was a knowledge chap .. in the words of bertie  :police:, didn't post 'shy and boring' posts .. he hadn't done a trackday in 9 years .... brought a lovely MT roadbike ... stands it on some lovely gee tech stands in the garage .... looks a bit like Johnny 5 ..... 

what do you think of the story so far ...  :rofl:
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David W

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Re: track bike help!
« Reply #17 on: April 13, 2019, 06:29:42 PM »

yeh, cool story Bro.


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Re: track bike help!
« Reply #18 on: April 15, 2019, 11:49:14 AM »

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