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Bought brand new for Almeria, worn a few times and found the size too small.

Size is 2XL/12 - Im a 3XL just chanced it as that was the largest size available in the shop  :rofl:

£60 posted.

Bury Hill 2009 if my memory still works correctly  :rofl:

I am 4th from the right. still riding (Mainly track, now looking for a cheap way into enduro, green laning or motocross for the winter...!) as handsome as ever  :afro:

Any one else pictured still here...  :moto:
Bike Talk / Bike wrap companies
June 20, 2018, 07:54:30 pm
Looking for a company that will do a wrap on a Sports bike, any one know any one... prepared to travel to drop the bike within a reasonable distance..

Bike is a gen 4 ZX10R with track fairings and is based in West London...

Any one...  :moto:
As title, any one got one kicking about, budget is a measly 1K (Might stretch a bit for a decent one) as insurance is the killer for 1st year for my lad whos just passed his test.

If you dont ask and all that, any one...?

Bike Talk / Dust Devils next weekend
January 16, 2017, 08:37:25 pm
To Malaga, Spain... three of us going this Friday to Sunday, two days riding enduro on Saturday and Sunday...  :moto:

Must be fun...Any one been...Any tips... Im a novice at this  :rofl: the other two seem to know what they are doing  :moto:

This Years geting off to a good start on the biking front, off road any way   :moto:
I have found a decent set of track fairings complete, only trouble is is about a 350 mole round trip as its collection only.

I'm working on a few ideas, but thought I'd also try the legendary Ninjaforce and see if i
Get any luck.

I have a postcode for DN4, can give the rest if any potential ninjaforcers appear and can help. 

Cheers in advance  :moto:
Misc For Sale / PS3 for sale
January 11, 2015, 11:30:10 am
For sale... Launch model PS3, 2 controllers (well used!) & selected games. PS3 in full working order, for info. as its a launch model it has the noisy cooling fans when they start running but this is normal. Bought as seen £50 + delivery or free collection. Only selling because we have 2 PS4's a slim PS3 and a Wii. Something's gotta go!!!

Bike Talk / Days, or nights like this!
August 29, 2014, 09:58:15 pm
What happened to them this year  :(


Found out last night that I'm having trouble with the lights as follows.

Side lights come on ok (2, one either side) headlight (low beam) not working, high beam not working and pass button will not trigger high beam flash. Added to that the side lights don't work in park on ignition switch. Park lights are the same lamps as the side lights strangely

I have checked the obvious, fuse, lamps are ok, volts go in to relay box ( need to double check that...!) ok so it's all pointing to the headlight relay in the relay box.

I have tested the current flow in the relays through the diodes and none are giving strange readings and all seems fine, trouble is  I'm testing with a 9volt volt meter and the volts flow correctly in one direction using this method however the manual says use a 12volt battery and test for impedance.

Any one enlighten me how to do this cause it's not clear in the manual. Page 650 to 656 I think in electrical system (16/57) am going to take it to work. And see if I can test properly but all things are pointing at the relay.

Any one got any experience with this problem that can help.

Either that or any one near Heathrow willing to let me plug their relay box in to see if it fixes it before I go buy one 

Found on the Corby Kawasaki parts fiche - Part code 270020007 RELAY-ASSY £67.30 + vat hence why I'd like to be sure before buying!
Bike Talk / Old member not reregistered looking to contact
September 25, 2013, 08:18:25 pm
Any one on here friends with 1PBOP (Ed) I was hoping to contact him re: spares he may still have but he doesn't seem to have re registered.

Like a fool I didn't save his mobile number in me phone  :shocked: