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Bike Talk / New bike....
December 13, 2019, 10:37:50 am
I've bored everyone on Facebook with pics, so thought I'd inflict them on the rest of you lol

The gold wheels seem to polarise people's opinions, they are growing on me I must admit but overall I'm velly 'appy.

Not up for sale just yet, waiting on my new machine to come through at work. Spec in short is:

Has the 500Gb SSD in it, and currently has a DBrand leather effect skin over it. Absolutely mint condition, includes original box and charger. Not sure what its worth but open to serious offers.

Bike Talk / New bike day for Peej...
June 03, 2016, 03:05:52 pm
Hey all, those on FB will have seen already but I picked this up at lunchtime, and I'm a very happy boy!

Bike Talk / Bad vibes
May 08, 2016, 08:34:53 pm
Hey all, bit of advice, is there a most common cause of engine vibration causing hand/feet numbness? The R6 has always been "vibey" since I bought it but it's getting to the point that it's unbearable. Today I went out planning to meet Terry and within 35 miles my hands and feet were tingling to an uncomfortable level..

If I pull the clutch in at speed the vibes go away so I don't think it's drivetrain (i.e. chain etc) but as soon as the engine engages again it comes back.

I've checked the obvious that nothing is lose or blatantly vibrating so I'm kind of at a loss as to where to start to diagnosing it.

Cheers folks.
Bike Talk / Possible alarm issues :(
April 17, 2016, 08:45:51 pm
I was going to post this in Electrical but didn't want it to go unnoticed. This might just be coincidence or my own stupid ham fists that caused this, but here goes...

My R6 has a Datatool S4 C1 Red fitted, and the previous owner fitted short mini indicators to the rear so he could fit a tiny plate. With Scotland coming up I wanted to put longer ones on to put a standard plate back on, simple task you think yeah? Or not.

So the fitting went perfectly to plan except for when bolting the R&G tail tidy back on one of the indicator wires became trapped and wore through. Now this might be the important bit as this may be the cause. I tested the indicators with it all hanging down, no problems. Once bolted back on the left one worked fine but when I tried the right neither of them worked, and also the light on the dash didn't come on which is potentially important to this story.

Once I realised I made the final adjustments and refitted everything and all the indicators work, however I did notice that when turning of the immobiliser with the fob the indicators didn't flash. This then led me to the outcome I have now :

1. When I press the fob I hear a noise from the alarm relay as normal but the indicators don't flash.
2. If I press it second time I get a continuous beeping maybe once a second that seems to go on endlessly. Pressing the fob won't shut it up.
3. If I then turn the bike on the alarm goes off, then disarms fine using the fob, but and most crucially, it won't start. It cranks just fine but won't start.
4. If I then turn the ignition off after 45 seconds the bike makes the usual series of beeps until the immobiliser auto arms.

I have checked and rechecked all the wiring to no avail. I have had the battery on the Optimate all afternoon and this has also made no difference. At rest the battery is showing 12.56v across it dropping to about 10v when I try to start it.

I have also check the 10amp ( I think) fuse in the alarm wiring.

Any ideas? This series of beeps and behaviour does not appear to be documented in any way in the Datatool manual so I am at a loss. I also don't have any real time between now and Scotland to get it booked into a dealer.


Misc For Sale / PS4 plus 3 games
August 09, 2015, 04:10:04 pm
Mint condition about a year old, comes with GTA5, Drive Club and COD Advanced Warfare.

Might still have the box. Probably has less than 50 hours of gameplay on it.

Judging by eBay prices £220 plus postage is a fair price.


Hi all, after much deliberation this is for sale. Some of you have seen the bike and the thread about rebuilding it. I'll come to my reasons for selling at the end so you can choose to skip that part lol

Bike is a 2005 Yamaha R6 (5SL) and is the limited edition Valentino Rossi version painted in his colours, with his signature on the tank and a plaque on the top yoke. The bike was purchased by me as a Cat C right off and rebuilt. Mechanically the bike is sound and in VERY good condition. The fairings are all damaged in some way, but useable. This was the main reason to buy it as I wanted something to use on the road and the track.

The good :

Stamped service history all the way up to 7650 miles (Current mileage is 8770)
Datatool S4 alarm
All 3 keys including the red key
Scottoiler fitted
Braided hoses at the front
F Fabbri double bubble screen
Oil and filter changed by me a week ago
Diablo Corsa 3 tyres, rear has loads left, front needs to be replaced soon
Brand new MOT this morning (25th April)

The bad :

As stated every panel is scratched or cracked in some way shape or form, don't be under any illusions, my reason for buying was on the basis that if the bike is mechanically sound then as long as the fairings are complete then I don't care
Part of the exhaust strap has come away and there is a tiny every so slight blow but this is only noticeable on idle. Re-strapping it would be a piece of cake

Bike rides like a dream and goes well and I really can't fault it, it's mechanically in great condition and would make a great trackbike or as my original plan way, a tatty looking road bike which could be used on the track.

My reasons for selling aren't financial, I was knocked off my bike just over 10 years ago and my neck hasn't been right since, and it's getting worse with every knock. As is my shoulder which took a beating when I crashed at Oulton years ago and then was involved in a car accident in 2012. Riding more than half an hour means I have a constant headache and neck pains and it's getting worse with every little jolt. Docs have been no help so it's time for me to re-evaluate what I'm going to do.

Serious enquiries only please, leave the piss taking for another time. I am looking for £2000 for the bike (no offers) as it stands which means I am still overall at a loss but I think thats fair considering the overall condition and mileage. I'd rather sell it here than go through the pain of fleabay.

Products & Services / Bike covers
October 27, 2014, 02:00:15 pm
Anyone recommend a heavy duty one?

Up til recently I've had an Oxford Rainex cover which has worn well except the lower half is a thinner silver material which once torn slightly rips in lovely long lines. So I thought I'd upgrade to the Oxford Stormex cover as it seems more durable. Bought the Medium which according to the packaging is for a Sports or Naked bike and in the pics it shows a ZX10R and an R6.

Slapped it on the bike yesterday and it fits like a glove, literally like I shrink wrapped the bike in black plastic, but there is one huge issue. It seems to be a recent addition to the Stormex cover but there is an extra vent now on the back of the cover, which when on my bike sits flat and horizontal on the pillion seat and no matter how much messing around I do it won't overhang the bike. Obviously this means in the rain it will piss into the vent and soak the inside.

Rang J&S and they suggested I either gaffer tape the vent up, or buy the large version so I rang Oxford themselves who told me outright that the large would be really baggy and I'd need to tie things around it to keep it from gaping open. They also told me to ignore the pictures on the packaging and the description and instead use the dimensions listed on their website.

The rear height of the medium cover is for a bike up to 99cm, the large being up to a 101cm tall rear end.

According to Google (various sources) the R6 rear end is 109cm tall so Oxford advised that no cover they do would be suitable. J&S were brilliant and refunded me the 70quid but I'm now in a situation where I have a knackered cover and need to get a new one ASAP.

Any recommendations?
Projects / Project Peej - Yamaha R46
August 16, 2014, 08:10:21 pm
Well, as some of you on Facebook know I sold the R1, I suppose I should explain why as a few have asked. It had nothing to do with whether or not I could afford to keep it, just simply that paying it off each month seeing it sat outside not being used much made my wallet slightly vomit and every trackday I did on it I couldn't get comfy with riding it how I used to with my Gixxer. The fun per £ ratio was all wrong, as much as I loved it. So it's gone.

I then pondered if I wanted a trackbike or something tatty for the road. Anyway long story short I ended up with a Cat C salvage bike which me and Steff did a 400mile round trip to Surrey today to collect.

The bike is a 2005 (on a 56 plate) Yamaha R6 but it is the limited edition Rossi 46 version. It had been written off and sold off to me but I was impressed with how much bike I got for the money.

Lets start with the good :

7850 miles from new
2 previous owners
Full service history
2 nearly new Diablo Corsa 3's fitted
3 keys including the red one plus a Datatool S4.....urgh
Structurally sound
Scottoiler fitted so chain etc is mint
MOT till May 2015
Radial caliper/USD fork version

Now the bad :

Every panel including the tank has some sort of damage with the nose cone fairing taking the brunt
The special Termignoni exhaust is possibly damaged beyond repair but we shall see
Crash bung on RHS is bent badly
One of the headlights is scratched a little too bad to repair which is a shame as its all one unit I think
Fairing brace snapped off (but the lugs on the headstock are intact and not bent
RHS clip on snapped
Front brake lever snapped
A few other bits

Basically my thoughts are, see if I can get it back on the road at minimal cost which shouldn't be hard, and use it as a weekend infrequent toy that owes me nothing realistically but mainly a track toy that I won't be worried about if I bin. Or, if the parts start to mount up for the road I shall just stick some track fairings on and I have myself a very sound trackbike for sub-2K.

Here's some pics I took once I got it home and washed it quickly :

And here is the first run of it once I had charged the battery up :


So far I have removed the top pieces of the side fairings, managed to remove the bent crash bung and removed the original rubber brake lines and Y-piece.

Parts list for the short term is :

RHS clip on
RHS footpeg
Rear brake lever
LHS footpeg
LHS R&G (or pair)
Front brake lever
Nose cone
LHS rubber air intake pipe
RHS mirror

I'm under no illusions, if I manage to get it back on the road it will look tatty and worn but underneath will be a very low mileage sorted bike so I couldn't care less!

It looks like the previous owner had a lowside but the tyres are literally almost brand new, not even scrubbed in anywhere near the edges (which are still shiny) but there is some blueing on the rear which makes me wonder if he binned it on a trackday without scrubbing them in properly....

Bike Talk / Focused Events "business as usual"
June 27, 2014, 01:54:33 pm
Noticed this on Facebook posted on a group I joined :

Donnington yesterday with focused events was a complete joke 63 riders in group 1 an near on the same in group 2 an 3 no space on track they damage bikes coming back from Spain an mess bookings up an don't send out paperwork , these pictures are if group 3 going out


I know Donny is quite big but 63 seems a tad much!
Misc For Sale / Kindle Fire HD 7inch (2012 Model)
June 04, 2014, 12:02:03 pm
It's the "previous" model that came out in 2012 but it's only 6 months old. Bought for Steff's daughter at Xmas but she's gone and got herself a "vanilla" Android one instead.


Boxed, mint condition - £50 plus postage.

Something that's been nagging me since I bought the R1 was that the HEL lines the previous owner fitted weren't quite right. He made a ham fisted job of some of the other mods, namely not torquing things up correctly.

But I was adjusting the lever the other day and it reminded me what a ballache I had when I refitted the master cylinder last year, due to the curve at the end of each line they wouldn't go on "straight" at the M/C and I had to put them slightly sideways to each other.

This what I mean :

It's been years since I fitted braided lines but I can't help but think that the 2 shallower curved ends should be at the M/C with the 2 more curved ends at the calipers curving inwards towards the mudguard.

What say you?

(HEL online fitting instructions weren't alot of help)


Misc For Sale / Xbox 360 250Gb + games
March 28, 2014, 11:00:20 am
All, can't really justify keeping the Xbox 360 just to play MotoGP 13 so it's up for sale. It's the latest model with the touch sensitive buttons and the 250Gb hard drive installed. 1 controller. Fairly sure I have the box but regardless it's absolutely mint condition.

GAME will give me £90 for it so I'm looking for £100 + P&P

Will throw in a few games as I'll get peanuts for them. I have :

Forza 4
Battlefield 3
COD MW3 (I think)
Mass Effect 3

Probably some more, if you wanna offer me something for any of those games, give me a shout, I'd rather they went to a Ninja for a pittance than get arse raped by GAME for trade in values.

Bike Talk / Oil and filter
February 23, 2014, 05:51:50 pm
Used to buy the deal Hein Gericke used to do, so where do people tend to go now? Local shops?
Misc For Sale / GoPro Hero HD 2
October 19, 2013, 02:00:34 pm
Immaculate condition, don't have any of the sticky mounts left but I think I still have the box.

Make me a sensible offer.

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Misc For Sale / Google Nexus 4 16Gb
September 15, 2013, 12:10:03 am
Just upgraded to a Samsung so my Nexus is for sale. I've had it since launch day in November and it's in mint condition, box etc.

Full specs are here : http://www.google.co.uk/nexus/4/

Currently this is selling brand new for £199 I believe so make me an offer. It's alot of phone for the money, quad core etc etc.

EDIT - Will add pics soon, but phone is unmarked with no damage and comes with 2 cases, Cyanogenmod 10.2 installed but I can restore this back to stock Android 4.3.

Looking at eBay prices I'm looking for about £150 for it.


Bike Talk / Richa clothing
August 31, 2013, 12:43:51 pm
Any good? Saw some reasonably priced stuff in my local Yamaha place and it looked pretty good. Am due a new jacket soon.
Mechanical / Strange brake problems...
August 22, 2013, 11:28:52 am
Well, as some of you will know from having been at Donny recently and last year at Snett I have had issues with the R1's brakes both times. Problem doesn't occur on the road, only the track.

Problem manifests itself as spongey brakes after a few laps which is what first happened at Snett, as the brakes cooled down the lever went harder so obviously we bled all new fluid through it but to no avail.

The bike sat for a fair period after Snett last year bar a few rideouts but in that time I had enough time to drain and refill the fluid as well as pumping out the pistons and cleaning them up as much as possible as I didn't and still don't have the special Yamaha hex tool for undoing the back of the calipers to take them out completely.

Before Donny this year I changed the pads in case they were the issue so they were changed for Brembo pads and all seemed fine on the road but I managed to get the problem to occur on the road in the hotter weather we had so I began to do more bleeding and passing fluid through. The odd thing was I managed to get ALOT of air out of the system despite returning to it on multiple days and bleeding it from both calipers and the MC as well.

At Donny the problem reared its head yet again but this time even worse, after every session there was a fine mist of brake fluid on the inside of the screen and signs of fluid leak from the rubber hose that connects the reservoir to the MC, at the reservoir end which is very odd as the pipe is tight and secure and the fluid would have had to be travelling UP into the reservoir to leak under pressure from that joint.

Each session I managed to get air out of the brakes and passed even more fluid through it, even ending up using DOT5.1 to get rid of any doubt that the brakes were, for some reason getting too hot.

One thing I did notice is that sometimes on track, the brakes went from spongey, to hard, then back to spongey and I also noticed that after each session, even though I'd pushed the rubber diaphragm up into itself, it appeared to have been "sucked" down into the fluid.

So, several theories depending on who you speak to, the bike has Titax after market levers which have been suggested as the problem although I am 99.9% confident the lever isn't pressing the brakes on all the time.

Also it's been suggested the MC has a dodgy seal.

Calipers are the other thing, although I pumped them right out and cleaned them as best I could I ran out of time for a full strip so despite the fact all the pistons move freely by hand, maybe one of them is being "banged" in sharply causing the normally low pressure hose from the reservoir to become under pressure and squirt out fluid.

Lots of theories, nothing concrete. So, plans are afoot to fix it.

I have ordered a standard brake lever from a local Yamaha dealer as well as a MC rebuild kit so going to do that, bike already has HEL braided lines on but I will also be attempting to rebuild the calipers too, which should be fun as they are monobloc so getting the back 3 pistons out should be "fun".

Limited number of possibilities but it's a frickin nightmare considering on the road it's generally fine and the bikes only done 7500miles!

Watch this space...
Newbie Corner / Yo...
July 11, 2013, 01:45:43 pm
I've missed this place :D