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Mechanical / Zx6r G/J Radiator measurements required
October 02, 2017, 09:33:44 pm
As per the title, can anyone with a G1/2 or J1/2 give the measurements of their rad.

Misc For Sale / VW Passat estate, 57 plate £2500
May 10, 2016, 01:22:40 pm
Afternoon guys and gals,

Due to new car coming in early June, my VW Passat is up for sale.

2.0l diesel, 140bhp, 'S' spec model, 57 plate with 114000 on the clock. Me and the Mrs have owned the car for 2 years. It had a full history up until we brought it with the all-important cambelt done at about 80k (receipt to prove). Serviced late last year by my friend who's a technician at the local VW garage, he discovered it was due a recall to have all the injectors and wiring loom replaced so this was done also (about 2 grand if you had to pay for it!!)

New clutch and duel mass flywheel also done last year along with electonic handbrake switch and tailgate latch (both common problems on this model and replaced with genuine VW parts). Good tyres, brakes etc. MOT until July but should sail through it's next test.

Few bad points in that it has been a work horse so it has a few dinks in it, the aircon could do with a re-gas and we've only ever had one key.

I will post some more pictures when it stops raining and I've had chance to wash it properly and hoover out the inside.

Bargain car that will go forever. Located in Aylesbury, Bucks. £2500ono.

Bike Talk / Return to the Ninja
February 03, 2016, 08:23:50 pm
So, 16 years after buying my last ninja, I'm back!! :cool:

Picked this up today. Quite a bit quicker than the 600 J1 I used to have but it feels very familiar. Love it!

This does mean my CB1000R is for sale :( I posted an ad a few months back but this will be updated in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I have some riding to do :moto:

Hi all,

It's time for a change so the CB has to go.

Honda CB1000R 2009 59 plate.

I have owned this bike since it was 3 years old purchasing it in January 2012. At the time of purchase it only had 2627 miles on it. I purchased it from On Yer Bike in Aylesbury. They had taken it in as a part exchange and it was then its original colour of Dragon Green. On Yer Bike had Dream Machine do one of their paint jobs on it and now it's red, white and blue HRC colours and looks spot on. I am the third owner of the bike. It was pre-registered by Padgetts Honda in Yorkshire and then privately owned. Prior to me buying it, it had barely been ridden!

The bike has now covered about 32500 miles. I have meticulously maintained it and kept it looking sweet. I have always used genuine Honda parts for servicing and if anything, it has been over-serviced having oil and filter changes more regularly than Honda suggest in the maintenance schedule. The details look like this:-

24/12/11 @ 2627 miles. Serviced by On Yer Bike, Aylesbury prior to me taking delivery
15/06/12 @ 6076 miles. Oil and filter plus minor service
14/09/12 @ 9568 miles. Oil and filter plus minor service. Hel braided brake hoses fitted with new fluid
02/03/13 @ 15010 miles. Oil and filter plus major 16000 miles service including valve clearance check
02/11/13 @ 20069 miles. Oil and filter plus minor service
22/04/14 @ 24387 miles. Oil and filter plus minor service. Front brake calipers replaced due to pitted pistons
05/02/15 @ 30081 miles. Oil, filter, spark plugs, air filter, brake fluid , coolant and major service completed including valve clearance check. At this time the alternator stator packed up but this was replaced by Honda under a warranty claim (known issue with this part) and fitted by Marshalls Honda at Milton Keynes. I also fitted a new rear shock as the old one was getting a bit bouncy and the fork oil was changed.

I have fitted a few extras and these are included in the sale. It has heated grips, tail tidy, Jon F undertray, Hel Braided brake hoses (front fitted but rear still in box unused), mirror extenders, a touring screen, Pyramid rear hugger, Beowolf radiator guard and full Venture Shield Paint Protection. R&G aero crash bungs and spindle bungs, upgraded two-tone horn (130 decibels!) and a genuine Honda rear seat cowl painted by Dream Machine to match the rest of the bike. I also have a set of Renthal handlebars that I fitted to play about with the riding position. I didn't get on with these so put the originals back on but they are included in the sale.

I have all the original parts; bar grips, rear foot rests, passenger seat, engine bolts, horn etc and will include these. I have both keys, the original manuals and service book, loads of photos, receipt for when I purchased the bike and fist fulls of receipts for all the parts, filters, bit & bobs etc to back up the service history.

The bike is currently on a private plate which is not included in the sale. I will get this changed prior to the sale and it will go back on a 59 plate. Photos show it fitted with a Yoshi R77D can and Hyperpro Steering Damper. These ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE OF THE BIKE.

This bike has been a peach but it's time to move on. It is in fantastic condition for the miles it's covered and is probably better than some bikes out there with half the miles. It does have the odd stone chip and the paint is rubbing off on the frame where my boots rub but that's about it. Apart from the alternator stator it has never gone wrong. It's never used any oil and always started when I hit the button. Work colleagues have run these bikes past 60k miles without any problems. I have loads of photos including some where it's in bits for the servicing. I welcome any inspection. I will also include a new genuine Honda oil filter and sump plug washer so you're half way to the next service! Brand new front tyre being fitted next week and MOT until December.

Been hard to put a price on my bike due to the mileage. But on AutoTrader at the moment you'll find an 08 with 26k miles for £4800 (trade) and an 08 with 18k miles for £4550 (trade). On ebay there's nothing comparable (except the same £4800 bike above). On MCN there's an 08 with 7400 miles for £4500 (private and rubbish advert) or an 09 with 21k miles for £5k (trade). This makes mine a pretty good buy at a ninja price of £3975!

If you have any questions, please ask.

Products & Services / HPI checks
May 31, 2015, 02:00:39 pm
Does anyone have access to free or reduced price HPI checks? I seem to remember someone offering to do them a while ago if people wanted.

Wanted / ZX10R 2011 onwards Service Manual
May 14, 2015, 05:08:33 pm
Does anyone have an electronic copy of the service manual for 2011 and onward ZX10R'S they can send me?

Cheers :cool:
Bike Talk / 2014 ZX6R - test ride
September 29, 2014, 07:00:05 pm
I was a bit bored today so went to the local Kwak dealer and test rode the latest ZX6R. I was quite excited as I've not ridden one for a couple of years and it's a the best looking ZX6R for donkey's!

Lovely bike! More midrange than the P7F which was the last one I rode, super sharp handling and great brakes (but not as good as the brembo set up on the S1000R that I rode recently). Having ridden a CB1000R for the last 2 1/2 years and a gixer 750 for the previous 4 years before that (covering some 70000+ miles) I expected the ZX6R to feel slow. But it pulled really well from about 7k and went bonkers from about 10k!

I thought I wouldn't enjoy going back to a 600 after riding bigger CC bikes for a few years but I was really impressed. The 30th anniversary colours are lovely but with a price tag of just over £9k for the ABS model, I think I'll wait for a couple of years for the price to halve on a low mileage second hand one.........