2009 zx6r rear shock on 2005 zx6r

Started by vsenna, January 12, 2014, 06:38:32 pm

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Hi all, I've read up about this upgrade being popular as the shocks tend to come up dirt cheap and are suppose to be alot better than the 05 stock one.

My question is are they the same length? anyone on here done this upgrade?


No idea. I put a 2005 shock on my B1...that is possibly the worst shock they could have put on this bike... it was pants on the original one...rock hard spring.


Mines really bad, also the fact my bike has 36k on the clocks doesnt help!


It fits, don't know if it's the exact same length, but, it can be adjusted to same. It has more stroke too.


Hi GM,

I've got an 08/09 rear in the back of my J model zx6, and I know the 05/06 shock is a direct swap to the 01 as well - the 01 and 08 shocks are the same length.

Bags better than the original - although it was 10 years old and had nearly 30k on it :)



thanks for the replys, I managed to bag one on ebay for 50 quid and its brand new, removed from new!

I want to get the fork springs replaced too, i was thinking an ohlins spring kit and then get them revalved and setup,

then its track time! well as soon as the weather breaks...


Ok so the shock arrived, it was actually off the 2012 model apparently, but I've been told the 09-12 have the same shock, anyways, whipped the old shock out, and it was exactly the same length 340mm, same at the fitting points, just bolted straight on with no dramas,

So anyone looking to upgrade the rear shock on the cheap, 09-12 rear shock is a straight swap!