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RR - EVO 3

Started by WizzBang, July 20, 2013, 07:20:55 pm

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Finished cleaning up the head today

Made a start on the block too, but again, got a bit bored and gave up.


Shiny! Nice one. That has to be worth at least 3 bhp!
Significantly faster than you.....


Lord Danoir the first

Quote from: Neil on July 28, 2013, 05:13:58 pm
Made a start on the block, got bored and gave up.

Comedy genius


I've started to collect parts again, just random stuff really....

Heres what came through the post today

Nothing bling or even any different to what I already have, apart from the colour.  The one on the bike is gold and doesn't match the fronts anymore (or even work very well tbh)

More bits to be revealed once they arrive


Yesterday, the postie brought these

and then today, he delivered this to me

I've also put my order in to Honda for the gaskets, o-rings, shim, etc, etc that I need to put the engine back together....hopefully it won't take too long to arrive.


Going well Neil - The slipper clutch should work great, love it!

(Bonus time at work maybe)??!!


Is the Sigma ramp or ballbearing?



There's a Chris Mayhew ported head fs on Motoforum for one of these I think & some works WP stuff too.


I'm fully aware of all the bits and pieces being offered for sale on the forums and ebay....nothing getting past me at the mo


So, do the 04-06 heads & shocks all swap?


As far as I am aware, they all fit.

Already have the suspension sorted though, and for the meantime, the engine is going to stay standard too.


Got the block cleaned up today

All ready now for the head gasket (which will be next weekend)