Datatool system 4 alarm question

Started by Maddog, September 21, 2014, 08:52:14 pm

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Does anyone know if i can take the battery out for winter if the bike has a datatool S4 alarm on it without causing issues? Is there a particular order i need to do things?


yes you can but it will beep for a while till , if I remember right (while since I had one) you can actually disable it or just put it in winter mode and will be fine
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download the manual. there are instruction for removing the battery and storage.


Theres no power in the garage as its away from the house.

I'll download the manual and have a read



Winter mode. The purpose of this mode is to enable you to leave the machine for long periods of time with the alarm drawing an absolute minimum current . In this mode the alarm is no longer active and leaves the machine immobilised only....
From the disarmed state , press both buttons on the transmitter for 10 seconds with the ignition on until you hear a bleep,after the ignition is switched off the alarm will go into winter sleep mode..

To remove the battery .
you can remove the battery at any time when the system is IMMOBILISED ONLY or in WINTER MODE.
winter mode also stops the remotes operating the system making this setting better.
press grey button - ignition on - press both buttons for 10 seconds until bleep - ignition off - disconnect battery.

All this taken from my datatool book so I know it's right. hope it helps. :icon_salut:


Ahh....winter thats an option. I didnt fancy leaving the battery in it to drain over the winter.

The other option is roll the bike over to the house once a month to charge the battery for a few hours?

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Or invest in a weatherproof extension cable.


Quote from: big gav on September 24, 2014, 06:03:41 pm
Or invest in a weatherproof extension cable.

Not an option due to the location of the garage and the fact it needs to go across a public footway. PLus the garage isnt suitable for electrics as its a pre fab concrete with asbestos type corrugated roof and condensation is a bitch in the winter!