Race Suspension Service

Started by 0luke0, October 21, 2014, 06:44:27 pm

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Hope it all works out for you. He set up my V4 Tuono for me. Superb knowledge.
Significantly faster than you.....


I had my standard suspension reworked and set up by MH racing based on what Moz had said. Excellent service, turned up, set up, blast around the block, a few more tweaks and job done.
I've no experience with the race set up side of things, but there was plenty of shiny Ohlins kit about and his background would suggest he knows his stuff.


Quote from: 0luke0 on October 24, 2014, 09:43:20 pm
Spoke to Mark of MH Racing today, going to drop them down to him Monday.

Cheers for the help

Bit late weighing in on this one. I went to MH racing for a shock and fork service and setup on my gsxr. Seemed like a decent job, but I could never get on with that bike.

But then I found reactive suspension up in York doing suspension courses, so I went and did 3 of 4 days training, servicing my own WP shock from the b1 and learning about theory and setup. I think Gareth of reactive is the best suspension guys I have spoke to, he is an engineer by trade and was technician to the likes of Haga and to Reynolds when he won the BSB championship. He knows his stuff for sure and doesn't just throw cartridge kits or Ohlins at a problem when he can modify stock stuff to get a good result. I would trust him to do a proper job.

I went to reactive to learn about suspension as some of the support offered at trackdays for £50+ fee was clearly a combination of guessing, bullshit, magazine reading and wishful thinking... and I won't be using any further glorified tyre fitters to twiddle with my suspension any more.


Quote from: Millhouse on October 21, 2014, 06:48:17 pm
1-600-Matt on here did a course for bouncies last year, set up my tona at donny in 10 mins flat. Worth asking him where he did it, iirc it included servicing a shock...

Yeah the shock servicing course included stripping it down yourself and doing a full service. You did need to add the cost of consumables onto it, but it was much the same price as giving it to someone else to service.