Anyone got a Sony Xperia Z3?

Started by MOzZereLLa, January 07, 2015, 05:11:17 pm

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simon m

I have had a few sammys & I am used to them now.

I will have the alpha if she gets sick of it!

simon m

PS the missus has the sony & loves it...20mpix cam!!!


Quote from: The Wizard of MOz on January 07, 2015, 05:11:17 pm
Also, any Apple fanboys moved across to an Android device and is it the disaster I'd imagine?

On the above point I have used a variety of different work phones, Sony Ericcsson, BlackBerry, HTC Desire, Samsung Galxy 3 and I am currently using the iPhone5s.

Out of all of them I like the iPhone the best, ignoring the annoying ITunes stuff and other geeky gripes it is a great outta the box easy to use, fast and good phone.

I dont need to watch episodes of Homeland on the train or write really long mails, just need to pick up work mails, call and SMS people, read the BBC app, Facebook fuckabout and browse the web.

It does that well and I prefer the menus and settings to that on the previous mentioned phones.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

I have sold my soul to Steve Jobs and I aint ashamed to say it.


I am remaining an Apple fanboy having seen the missus' meltdowns with Android.
Significantly faster than you.....


My missus went from HTC to iPhone and much prefers iPhone too


Seems all the girls like piephones  ;)


Ive had everything except a blackberry ,I love my windows phone only let down is the store , but as a phone it wins hands down
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I've had a few spread of phones in the last few years including :

iPhone 3G
Blackberry 9700
iPhone 4S
Nexus 4
Galaxy S4
iPhone 5S
iPhone 6 Plus

I have to say I can sit here and find fault with all of them, and praise all of them. I do love the way Android lets me have the power that I want to control what I want. Being a nerd that "was" very important to me and I used to get annoyed at the way Apple limit what you can do based on their "vision".

While I still like the Android experience, and my brother had the Z3 and now the HTC M8 I can honestly say for an everyday phone that you can "just use" the iPhone wins in my book, but only just.

The user experience is better for people that have no inclination for IT or anything nerdy, it just works and you don't need to understand why. Sometimes Android can be problematic, not because it lacks power or features but because people see the array of options and just play with them.

For me it's personal preference, I love my iPhone 6 Plus, they finally got the battery life sorted, it's not as big as people mock it for being and the array of apps and experience it gives for me as a daily phone I can't fault.

All that being said, if it got stolen/broken and someone gave me a Galaxy Note 4, I'm sure I'd be finding ways to praise it and be enjoying the experience.