Wanted 10r race/trackday rear shock

Started by Loop Legend, February 18, 2015, 07:05:37 pm

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Loop Legend

Anyone no of anyone selling an aftermarket rear shock
For an 09 10r cheapest I've found new on flea bay is £660 for a nitron


You can get shocks alot cheaper are you after a race spec shock?
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Loop Legend

Well just one better than the oe one . It's just going to be used for trackdays an road


speak to Ktech. Kais, Maxton or similar to see if the original can be rebuilt to suit you may well be cheaper than a 'new' shck. Also the later 2011 shock may fit I believe it's better


Speak to Darren Wnukowski at MCT Suspension and he'll give you some options.  Tell him Mark C sent you ...
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I bought a Wilbur one for my 05 zx10 and it transformed the handling