Highly modified zx636 b1h

Started by martin, February 01, 2016, 03:49:37 pm

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February 01, 2016, 03:49:37 pm Last Edit: February 01, 2016, 03:51:57 pm by martin
I have thought about this long and hard and have decided to sell my b1 h.
I have had the bike from new and no one has touched it except.me it would pass for as new condition , it is totally unmarked and has just clicked on to 6000 miles.
I am not in any rush to sell and am only putting it up on here.
My first option is to just sell as is. My second option is to re buy the standard parts I sold,put it back to standard and sell the aftermarket parts. And my third option is to totally strip the bike,
But as I say, not in any rush,
But if someone wants the ultimate and perfect b1h.  I want £6500 as it is, sounds a lot but count up the parts.
The list.
Dymag 5 spoke carbon wheels with titanium disc bolts/ohlins rear shock/
Brembo hpk nickel plated calipers with titanium fixing bolts/brembo hpk discs,no wear.
Brembo master cylinder,billet not the cheaper forged one/stainless steel lines
Stainless steel rear brake hose/braking wavey rear disc,no wear/
Akrapovic titanium full system inc removable baffle/Gilles gold rear sets/Gilles gold chain adjuster
Gilles gold vario bars/sprint steering damper/data tool system3 alarm/carbon fibre chai guard/
Carbon fibre mirrors/carbon fibre infill panels (all carbon real carbon and not cheap fake stuff)
Harris exhaust hanger/project r flush front indicators/micro rear indicators with tail tidy
Clocks sent away and re coloured and not boring standard orange colour (will post pictures)
Acumen gear indicator/genuine Kawasaki tinted double bubble screen/ genuine Kawasaki
Single seat hump/rear mudguard professionally sprayed as standard the plastic does,nt
Look as good/r+g fork protectors/r+g swing arm protectors/r+g frame protectors/r+ lock stop
Savers/k+n air filter/ clean mod with block off plates done/power commander/factory pro
Velocity stacks( standard set up,2 long 2 short)/set up at Dave wood racing in Aylesbury with
115 bhp at rear wheel/samco blue radiator hoses/radiator protection guard/ folding powder coated
Clutch lever to match brembo brake lever/powder coated clutch lever bracket,powder coated
Satin gun metal to match brembo master cylinder/rental grips/gold x ring chain and countless
And I mean 100.s of pounds in titanium nuts and bolts. Etc rear castle nut/steering stem bolt
Subframe bolts/disc bolts/sprocket nuts/fairing bolts and countless others,
Am sure I have,nt missed anything.
As I wrote at the beginning of this, I know people will say,remove flash bits and put the bike to standard,
For the time being,I will see how it goes.
When I get chance, I will take detailed photos

Lord Danoir the first

Quote from: martin on February 01, 2016, 03:49:37 pm
I know people will say,remove flash bits and put the bike to standard

Makes sense...... no harm seeing how it goes though.

Is that price a 'discount to fellow ninjas' price, or full asking?

Free advert so we normally offer a few quid off to site members...... it's up to you.


Sounds lovely but you'll seriously struggle to get your asking price no matter how much the kit on it is worth.

I think you'll be waiting a long time unless you can find someone to buy it to break it.
Significantly faster than you.....


The price is for the forum as I am not advertising it any where else.
I know in bits it would fetch more so if no one that really wants it comes along,
I may break it on here


A lot of stuff...but you won't get that asking price....like it or not the most reward will come from splitting....and even then it's a limited audience.


You are prob right.
I am not a newbie as such,
I used to come on here as martins or Martin, but can't rember, maybe some one can remember
Me or my bike,I did post pictures up of it,maybe to help people remember, I also have a kr1"
I am not a newbie just trying to sell something. I am a genuine member that rejoined as I am
Rubbish with computers, I understand the forum discount price, and if no one wants the bike whole,
I will only sell the items on here and not ebay


Great spec'd bike, and a username I remember from the good old days.

I was in the same position last year with my trackbike (CBR600RR) that I had built up at great expense to me.  The bike had pretty much everything that made it go, stop, handle and look better.  When I made the decision to quit trackdays it had to go.  So I lumped all the spares and original parts alongside the bike and tried to sell for what I thought was a great price.  All I had (across many forums etc) was overpriced and theres one much cheaper (but lesser spec'd).

Anyway, after many many months of advertising the bike I took the hard decision to break it and restore it to original spec and try to sell everything separately.

I sold pretty much everything within 3 weeks from the 1st adverts going live, and got more money from it than the asking price of the complete package.  I still have a few odd bits left to sell, and i'll re advertise them in the spring.

Anyway, good luck with your sale.


I'm sure we all wish you well selling your bike...myself and the Wizard of Moz have bought and sold a few bikes...so we're just sharing our thoughts...do seem to remember you posting pictures of your bike.


Been away for a while and have decided to sell all the extra bits on my b1
Will be happy to sell to forum members for a sensible ninja price,


Maybe we could do a deal with my zx10r


Quote from: martin on July 10, 2016, 05:53:15 pm
Been away for a while and have decided to sell all the extra bits on my b1
Will be happy to sell to forum members for a sensible ninja price,

What you got left ?
2004 ZX-6R B1H    
- Full Akra Titanium System                
- Gilles rear sets                     
- R&G Crash Bungs
- Hyperpro Rsc Damper
- Many other mods