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Started by Lord Danoir the first, January 31, 2017, 09:54:18 am

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Lord Danoir the first

This, piece of shit....... I was hoping to spend half an hour on it and then use it to get to football.

Turns out that I bought the wrong exhaust for it.... innit....

Hateful things to work on, I shan't be acquiring another.

Come over, have a brew and a cuddle and fuck off with the thing...... there may be cake.


How much is the tax?

Might take it off your hands just to keep my bike ncb going.

Park it in the corner of chez us, piss off Mrs MOz but not lose 13 yrs ncb in my riding sabitical.
Significantly faster than you.....

Lord Danoir the first

17 nicker a year apparently.

not sure it's fucking worth it to be honest!!


I could SORN it. That's free.

I may well "take it" (the V5 and reg plate) as Thrid party only won't be that expensive to keep my bike history going.

Call you later x
Significantly faster than you.....