ZX6RR 03/04 gearing advice

Started by Maddog, May 23, 2017, 07:42:19 pm

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May 23, 2017, 07:42:19 pm Last Edit: May 23, 2017, 07:45:11 pm by Maddog
Chaps.... I was at mallory today on the 6rr on a James Whittham track day. The instructors were Ste Brogan, Richard Coper, Davo, Christian Iddon. We were coached by Christian Iddon! The dude is fast as fcuk!!!!!

My issues.......welll......i had many..........but the one the post is about relates to gearing. The ideal 3rd gear sections are the  gerrards and the bit leading up to the hairpin.

Im not sure what gearing i have but i found that i was hitting the limiter in these sections in 3rd and needed to tap into 4th

Has anyone raced a K1/B1H and can advise me on what gearing i need for each circuit?

On a slightly down note...Paul Shoesmith announced that James Whittham has been diagnosed with cancer again!! He said its good  as its the same type he had back in the day?!? I presume he means they know what worked then so they can try it again??


erm from memory 1 tooth down on the front then a selection of +1 +2 and +3 on the back covered most circuits..


The one time I rode Mallory I had the exact same nightmare with gearing!


Cheers boys. I've got some spare rear sprockets so will give it a try

David W

I always thought the trick with Gerrards is to enter it a gear higher and drive through it?  Same with the Elbow.  Short-shift out of the Bus Stop.


I was advised that a higher rev range would allow the bike to keep tight whereas a lower rev range in a gear higher will make The bike drift wide?

Devils elbow I short shift to 3rd as soon as I'm out the bus stop.


On the b1 I am -1 front and +2 on the rear. Covers most uk circuits so far. Some of the Euro ones need a bit of fiddling though.


Cheers mate. It may be a case of im so use to riding a ZX10 on track and need to allow for the smaller engine