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Started by Maddog, July 30, 2017, 05:55:53 pm

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July 30, 2017, 05:55:53 pm Last Edit: September 14, 2018, 08:51:37 pm by Maddog
As well as selling the ZX6rr im also selling the ZX10r 2004. Ninja price £2900 for the lot.

Its got 18,479 miles on the clock and V5.
Ive owned it since 2012 and bought it as a road legal track bike.
Shims were done at around 15,000 miles by DWR racing in Aylesbury.

New oil and filter every second track day.

It comes with track bodywork on
Quickshifter (fitted but not connected)
Power commander III (not fitted)
Ohlins steering damper
Akrapovic slip on exhaust (passess all trackday DBs with ease)
Nissin ZX14 calipers (common upgrade for the ZX10)

Also included for the price is any spares i can find. It comes with most road kit too

Spare headlight (repaired lug)
Rear light
OEM front road fairings (blue)
OEM bottom fairing (black)
Spare tank (blue)
Rider and pillion seat
Chinese seat fairings
Chinese road bodywork in Simon Andrews rep paint
Spare brand new Dunlop qualifiers
Spare top track fairing (tatty but useable)
Spare track solo seat unit (tatty but useable)

The bike is a beast and someone will get a bargain.

Any test ride will need insurance and full amount in cash.

Collection from Aylesbury.

Again, ill try to attach pictures!!

make image url


Any interest before it goes on ebay? Am i asking too much?

captain sensible

Your not asking too much, it's just that the site is not used as much as it once was.

That and I'm broke so can't afford to buy it like I want to :(
Now with 100% more sarcasm.


Fair enough. These things always pop up when people are skint lol. I might just sell the bike and split the additional stuff.

captain sensible

It's a proper pain as well as it's basically the package that I went to start racing with.

Unless of course you want to swap it for a late 90s vfr800 in black?  :grin:
Now with 100% more sarcasm.


It would be ideal for someone starting on the racing ladder. Ive even found a set of tyre warmers to go with it!

Hahaha i couldnt break the habbit of the Ninja and go for a Honda  :rofl: