Looking for a cheap car for new driver - VW Polo 1.2

Started by Jimhas7, August 02, 2017, 09:18:42 am

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As title, any one got one kicking about, budget is a measly 1K (Might stretch a bit for a decent one) as insurance is the killer for 1st year for my lad whos just passed his test.

If you dont ask and all that, any one...?


Lord Danoir the first

Passed my local VW dealer recently and they were offering free insurance on the UP and just over £100/month.

No idea if a new driver would qualify, but seems like excellent VFM if so....... you could spend that on insurance alone!!

the invisible dog

Seems that insurance companies don't like insuring new drivers on anything more than 6 years old  :rolleyes:


Can't remember who my newphew insured his with, but he opted for one of the black box things, which brought it down a chunk, but still not cheap.

He hit a kerb once and got a phonecall from them asking if he had just been involved in an accident...


Thanks lads!

£1500 for insurance on one of these with a black box fitted  :shocked:

Not considered a new one Lord Dan, good point might explore it further.


Lord Dan your suggestion was taken, ended up doing a deal on a 14 plate.  :thumbright:

small deposit and one happy new driver...  :moto:


:thumbright: here's to lots of happy motoring for him. ☺️

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Lord Danoir the first