Koso apollo heated grips

Started by chuggy, December 04, 2017, 09:31:27 pm

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Just fitted them to my steed
Slightly  larger grip diameter (I'm not used to big things in my hands)
Switchgear looks great..work well
Buy some



Very kewl...thats the beemer with proper engine, right?



Had a quick look. Is there a  UK site that lists them by bike model ? And how are your ones performing ?


Not available in Europe till later this year...or possibly now.. .. I chatted to them at Milan show, they were hoping to have a German seller in 2018
I'm liking them..not SUPER hot,  but 6 settings with different colour led for each setting...blue to red....very inconspicuous... thumbs up from me


Never had heated grips. My new GT has them as standard. Not had chance to try them. It is usually about 20 degrees and rising before I get out on bike.
Growing old gracefully


They work all year round. Especially if you like thinner gloves in the summer.

Switch on for the evening ride home.
Significantly faster than you.....