So, how many of you still own a Ninja ?

Started by ash, May 22, 2018, 10:11:23 am

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I haven't had a Kawasaki since my Z750 and I parted company on Regents Street 6 years ago, after an American pedestrian decided traffic lights and paying attention were for locals only.  :(

I had that for about 2 years after my last Ninja ('05 ZX-6R C1) was stolen. Well, most of it was...  :shocked:


Went back to a ninja after selling my 675R, had a ZX6R A1P for 10 yrs, then got the Triumph. 4 years of that wonderful machine when I had to sell due to lack of work, managed to scrape funds together a few months later and got myself a 7R, which I love, next newer bike will be the 30th anniversary 10R, well unless Triumph bring out a Daytona 765R, but will always keep my green 7R, love it too much, frigging heavy though.



2004 ZX-6R B1H    
- Full Akra Titanium System                
- Gilles rear sets                     
- R&G Crash Bungs
- Hyperpro Rsc Damper
- Many other mods

Andy M

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Nope, I'm on a triumph these days 😄
The 10R has gone ?

Afraid so, couldn't justify keeping it as i wasn't riding it. It looked great but it really did feel 13 years old, was leaking everywhere and i needed a new car - being grown up sometimes sucks

B1h also long gone Foo?


Still got a b1, trackbike at present but got all the bits if I wanted to put it back to road


Last Kwak was a 2012 Z1000SX sold in 2014 to put towards future retirement house in Spain and now have recently bought a 2015 Triumph Street Triple RS to return to biking.


We have one in the family again now


Quote from: The Wizard of MOz on May 22, 2018, 01:42:58 pmNope. They seriously lost their way after the B1/2 6 and 05 10R.

Good job I've got a B1 and a C1H 10 then 😁


Down to 3 bikes now