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Started by Alzo, July 22, 2019, 03:22:15 pm

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Being the organised type I booked my bike service a few months in advance...I request a price and £168 was given...happy with that.
Forward to service today...completed...sat me down at desk...that will be £272 please..."erm no it wont" says I...Service girl says "we did Brake fluid change"...so despite me instructing it not to be done as bike is only 10 months old they go ahead and do it and try and charge me £102 for the privilege.
Needless to say after some Poker Faces and staring I won and paid £168...but I left feeling cheapened by the whole experience...what the fuck is it with Dealers.


My recent experience with BMW has left a sour taste in my mouth. Seems they have an attitude that if you own a BMW you must have money to burn.

Triumph rang me last year when mine was in for a service to say it needed a brake fluid change, cost was another £50 so I said no thanks. When I arrived the mechanic gave me some words of wisdom such as not emptying the system as it'll then need the ABS pump purged which you can't do unless you have the DealerTool software.

Despite the above, Triumph's servicing costs generally seem higher than BMW to start with. Mine was a 10,000 service and it was just over £300 and that didn't include brake fluid change.


Oil Filter...Air Filter...3.5 litres of oil...£168 is more than enough...£272 is a fucking rip off.
Still...on a positive note I got the Brake fluid change for nothing due to their fuck up.

David W

Having owned a few BMW cars, they just go by whatever the service schedule (and the ECU) tells them.
Bit odd requiring a brake fluid change at only 10 months old though.


Quote from: David W on July 22, 2019, 06:42:21 pmHaving owned a few BMW cars, they just go by whatever the service schedule (and the ECU) tells them.
Bit odd requiring a brake fluid change at only 10 months old though.
They change it at a year...so said they'd do it 2 months early to save me coming back🙄🙄🙄
The next scheduled change is 2 years after...so I asked how that fluid can last 2 years but the current fluid only lasts a year...it's a con.


not had to go to a dealer in a couple of years now. so have forgot that pain
get bikes serviced by a ex ducati/ guy in town...he just does what needs to be done.

last time went to a bike dealer for anything was colchester kawasaki to get some tires fitted to lose wheels.
quoted me £40, by time i came to collect from them it was £60odd because "it took them longer than they expected"
clearly gave them to the trainee and then tried to pin extra cost on me.... unfortunately i lost that staring match.. but have stuck to my guns and haven't been back since... which i am sure they cry themselves to sleep about still !! :rofl:
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Dealers generally try it on, car or bike.

Anna's Rangey was in for warranty work recently and they told us that the front disks and pads were 90% worn and dangerous.

They wanted £1100, so I bought the parts for a couple of hundred to do myself....... the pads were 60-70% at best and there was absolutely no difference between the new and old disks.

Took me an hour.


Worse than politicians.

The Wizard of MOz

I've always found BMW bike dealers fairly "faceless" and I'm not surprised by this post Alzo.

I prefer smaller dealer and have never had any issues with the two KTM dealers I've ever dealt with. Always honest and up front. I find the same with Triumph and Ducati too.

Maybe it's how you treat them 😉
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Quote from: The Wizard of MOz on July 23, 2019, 02:02:44 pmMaybe it's how you treat them 😉
You just can't help yourself...😭😭😭


When i see something being sold with 'full dealer service history' it kind of puts me off lol.

Like most, id rather have an independent garage do the work, that way you know its actually been done. The main dealer mechanics i've dealt with are really just fitters.....not mechanics.


Ill always use local recommended specialists over stealers. My 848 had a full service and belts done, brake fluid before it came to me from Riders of Bristol.I hope they carried out the work. If the belts go before I've covered 7500 miles then at least i have come back.

I will be using local specialists i trust for my servicing in future though. Air filters i always change for aftermarket anyhow. Other than the belts on the Ducati ill carry out the basics myself. Oiland filter is a piece of piss on any bike and save myself well over £100. I won't be selling this bike ever so i don't need to worry about full service history.


Just keep the receipts and the date you fitted the parts. Id happily buy a bike with that sort of history.

A few people i know  now take photos of the work they do and print the photo out as part of the service history.