Started by komp, July 19, 2013, 12:47:39 pm

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Due to various issues of late, it has been decided that from now on, we will be enforcing the following restrictions regarding for sale posts on here.

Links to ebay auctions will not be allowed UNLESS there is a price stated for which the author will sell off of ebay to a member.
Posts which start off as for sale posts and get no interest and then turn into ebay auctions are fine. Posts which state item is on ebay, X ammount of money will secure it etc are fine. Posts saying look i'm selling something on ebay will be removed. If you don't know how much you will take for it, then don't offer it for sale here, it's a for sale section, not an auction site or an audience gathering section for an auction site

20 post are required to post within this section. - disabled for now

Replying to other peoples For Sale posts.
Please keep these on topic, relevant and respectful.
Anyone seen blatantly tyre kicking, flaming, harrassing or generally posting content that is seen as intolerable by the management will have their access to the Classifieds Section completely removed.

When you item has been sold please put the words SOLD in the subject field. This helps us to easily identify topics that can be removed.

Old Topics
For sale topics that havent had any posts for over 3 months old will be removed from from the boards.
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