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Started by Maddog, October 26, 2019, 03:34:18 pm

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What do you all pay for your TV packages? Im wth Virgin with the XL tv bundle, Eurosports, BT sports and Sky sports premier league plus 100 mb internet and phone line for £85.25 a month

Just curious to see if theres better deals out there?


Sounds about average...we were £89 for Sky with all the goodies....but we had to threaten to leave every 18 months to keep the costs down.


Biggest package they have , every channel possible. 4K HD Sports etc etc

3 V6 boxes in house.

500 mb internet.

Phone line ( never used )

Free sim with unlimited everything.

£106 a month.

Happy with that

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Maddog you get Eurosport, BT sport and the football channels? Also, who is that with?


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Don't live in a Virgin area. Not sure there are many people that do. Have BT unlimited fibre and Sky Q with all sports inc BT sport for about £90 a month.
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Quote from: Maddog on October 26, 2019, 07:03:56 you get Eurosport, BT sport and the football channels? Also, who is that with?


Was fortunate to get cabled 2 years ago when i had the horrific SKY Q. Which was promptly cancelled and moved to Virgins superb tv and broadband.

Problem with other services that say fibre... Yeah, fibre to the nearest box, then it is along the old copper wire to your premises via DP poles or UG wire cables.

Retired Rozzer and loving it.


I have zero issues with Sky Q.

Awesome setup. Second to none (we were in a Virgin area when we lived down south and I didn't rate their TV box).

Same with everything. Few people have horror stories - most don't. 
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Virgin gets slaughtered in this it may well be a regional issue.
Sky Q has proved to be perfectly capable since we got it...just installed today in our new house.

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Virgin...... does a job but only really watch news on live tv.

IPTV for sports....... does a job.

Boxing ppv is a fucking rip.


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Currently with BT;

£58.99 BB+BT Sport
£27 for TV
£10 SIM only

All a bit of a rip off really. We don't watch much live TV and only have BT Sport for MotoGP and Eurosport for BSB & WSBK. Most of the live channels we watch are FTA anyway and all have on demand apps which we use a lot. Plus we pay for Netflix and have Prime.

SO....Thinking of ditching BT and going cheaper/better ISP and buying MotoGP pass and a eurosport pass.

Quote from: Lord Danoir the first on October 27, 2019, 07:56:20 pmIPTV for sports....... does a job.

Not heard of that IPTV....will look into it! Is it legal!?
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Think I'm paying £74.99 to BT for Unlimited Fibre plus BT Sport HD. Can only get 24mbps download/3mbps upload here and no option for Virgin fibre. Paying Sky £36 a month for Sky Q 2TB (UHD) and have the minimum of channels but get Eurosport so I can watch the BSB and WSBK.

I might swap back to streaming next year, last time I did it it worked out less than 200quid for the year to be able to stream MotoGP, BSB and WSBK live and thats all I ever watch. I don't watch any other live TV.


Paying £60 to BT for Broadband, TV and phone. Did have Virgin but they can't provide the service to the new place, so only feasible option for MotoGP, but have also got Eurosport so BSB and WSBK covered, although really only watch MotoGP and WSBK.

Broadband speed ok, play some PS4 but not often, other than that just on demand telly, including Netflix and Prime

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Quote from: alienmunkee on October 28, 2019, 12:52:25 pmNot heard of that IPTV....will look into it! Is it legal!?

I assume so, it's an app available on most smart TV's. The app is about £5 to download and you buy packages.

It's basically streaming and I've found it to be fairly inconsistent with quality and connection. It's OK for football and MotoGP, but I tend to buy the PPV boxing through my virgin service.


Cheers for the replies lads. The only reason i need the channels mentioned are probably the same as you guys....BSB, Motogp and Wsbk and occasion footy....probably more so now the superbike season is pretty much done

The price i was given doesnt seem too bad then so will give it a go.