should i buy a 7r

Started by m6rk, October 29, 2019, 03:55:27 pm

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I've had two..

the first was awesome.. the second one was a pile..

I just fancy a little winter project and admiring the retro awesomeness...


Alzo one...take your a good job...enjoy the fruits of your labour.


Yes, iconic machine.

Keep us posted on your progress when you do.


The Wizard of MOz


Buy a ZX7RR.

Rarer and obviously better.
Significantly faster than you.....


i knew you'd be the right people to ask.. to the ebay!!


Always liked them.

Proper geometry for a sports bike for the road.
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The Wizard of MOz

For the "road bike only" fest next summer?
Significantly faster than you.....




Still got mine that I bought....14 years ago.

...doesnt run mind...


YES.... Do it.

Stupidly got rid of my P6 model 6 years ago to a guy in Wigan.

Massive regret.

DVLA says it is currently on SORN and Mot ran out June 2016.

Would buy it back in a heartbeat.
Retired Rozzer and loving it.

captain sensible

I regret selling mine, but if I bought another I'd not do the engine swap again,but spend that money on the rest of the bike instead.
Now with 100% more sarcasm.

Andy M

Late to the party but yes. Watch the 44 teeth series if you haven't already