Lap of Almeria inc a couple of unfortunate crashes

Started by mc101, March 13, 2020, 11:01:28 am

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Andy M

Mc I need a air filter for the r6 before it goes for an ecu flash. What did Phil recommend for your r1?


MWR always according to Mr Seton fella -- ran them for years and no single problem etc.
2015: NLR HT1 Endurance (1st)
2014: ACU National Endurance 1000 (2nd)


Quote from: Jimhas7 on May 16, 2020, 04:26:33 pmFinally got chance to look at the AIM data .... 1.42:383 was the best theoretical ...  I'll take that :-)

Wow that's dammed fast and impressive. Shows what data logging can do for learning where you are going wrong. Where were you losing the time, in one particular area or at different sections at different times?

I'm itching to get back out as my 6 days are still on hold, ,We missed one planned trip due to the lockdown and plan to go as soon as restriction are eased enough to allow travel abroad with out 14 days isolation..


On track days the biggest challenge is consistency and space.  Nearly always run into traffic at some point in a lap and you have to do the right thing and not stand folks up/take your time/be respectful of others etc.  Afterall no trophy for winning the trackday......

It does help if you have a view of the data, compare your consistency , look at the same sector after trying something different etc etc. 

LIke Snetterton yesterday, I can lap a 1.54 there .. yet trackday considitions 2min flat is pressing on and the laptimes can easily vary by 4+ seconds traffic permitting etc and tahts a place I know VERY well.

Well travel permitting we'll be heading out to Almeria for some "testing" early winter ... feel I have a 39 in me as yet lol

2015: NLR HT1 Endurance (1st)
2014: ACU National Endurance 1000 (2nd)


Ditto with the Almeria reboot, still got 6 paid days to use up so looking as early as September and October if travel is on.

Probably going to leave the bike out there another year too and hope that things get easier for 2021 ...