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Can’t decide

Started by MOzZereLLa, July 08, 2020, 06:58:45 am

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Some of you would have seen on FB.

I am in a real dilemma. 2020 Street Triple 765RS or 890R Duke.

I just can't decide.

KTM - superior chassis with sublime reviews. Cheaper finance @ 4.9%. Local dealer has one being held for me as they are very limited in numbers. His deal includes free first service, Evotech tail tidy and cruise control retro-fitted as part of the package. Bike is RRP. Bad: lots of reports of the bike being unreliable - one engine failure and lots of oil leaks just like the 790 had.

Triumph - chassis not as good but I much prefer the triple engine. £450 discount offered off list but preferred colour (silver grey) not available from the factory immediately. Awaiting a delivery time to be confirmed. Better built could be argued. Much better dash and neater heated grips solution. Finance more expensive @ 7.9% and no negotiations yet about first service cost etc etc.

Both local dealers. I could look further afield but can't be arsed with the rigmarole to be honest. I feel more loyal to the KTM dealer but have dealt with both extensively in the past.

No part ex issues - I don't have a bike at the moment.

The indecision is actually making any excitement about getting a new bike shrink to fuck all.

Any thoughts here?
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Get the Street. Everyone I know who has tried one loves it.


As per Facebook, I'd go Street but I read the RS suspension is rock solid so depending on the roads you ride, other options are available.


both great brands

Out of these 2 particular bikes i think would prefer the KTM, just looks like more fun
but obviously not done any research into reliability

Triumph Speed Triple RS


If it was me, Street Triple.

Always liked them, just seem to be the right bike for the majority of riding situations.
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Personally I love the Triumph triples, probably the best 'road' engine on the market, perfect fuelling and ride-ability and its a bloody good looking bike..

If the only issue on the KTM that is affecting your decision (knowing how much you like a bargain) then is it something that would affect you massively given the mileage you do and the fact it will be under warranty whilst you own it....??


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Quote from: Jarse on July 08, 2020, 08:44:08 amAs per Facebook, I'd go Street but I read the RS suspension is rock solid so depending on the roads you ride, other options are available.

just back em off the comfort settings, plus the 2020 rides plusher (?) than the 2017-2109 slightly different suspension tune. Setting the erlier one to comfort brings it to the same. Reviews I've read have the KTM as firmer and harsher than the Street as well.

Street for me just because Triple engine and note, the KTM sounds like a CB500


Triumph prices went up £200 on 01 July.

KTM finance now 9.9% (cos the base rate is really high 😡)

KTM deal also not quite as good now you have to pay to have track pack and QS+ added on. Dealer "forgot" I wanted that. He ain't going to play MOz negotiating as he has a queue of people for it. 

Only Triumph available at the pre-July price rise is the matt black one now. Not sure I like matt finished bikes.

Fuck it. I'll keep my money ☹️
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Buy a 2020 superduke 👍
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Quote from: terry950sm on July 09, 2020, 11:28:30 amBuy a 2020 superduke 👍

Even with the prices crashing still can't afford it. Set a limit of £10k. Pushing that.

KTM finance is still 4.9% at my dealer. He  also showed me the 890R today. Looks good in the flesh. Still awaiting a final deal.
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Quote from: mc101 on July 09, 2020, 03:12:44 pmMT10 :-)

If he was nearer I'd be all over a Seton special MT-10 but I'm not sure it fits in budget. It's an ugly twat as well 😂
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Kawasaki Z H2...immense.


Did you ride it yesterday?

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